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Keeping your assets safe

Asset Protection Wills are designed to protect your estate from third parties including care fee planning and complex family arrangements.

Every year, many older people feel compelled to sell their own homes in order to fund their residential care. For those of us who work hard for years to build up family assets that we can hand on to the next generation, losing these hard-won reserves just because we become old, ill or disabled seems punitive and unfair.  For many of us, our home is our most important and valuable asset. It makes sense to protect our investment in that asset when we can no longer look after ourselves, or indeed after we die.

Asset protection willssafeguard your valuable assets by making clear financial arrangements, often in the form of an asset protection trust, or APT. An APT is a tax-efficient tool which ring-fences a person’s assets and protects them from external agencies such as local authorities. An APT can also help to provide for a vulnerable beneficiary, giving you peace of mind that whatever your needs in later life, your sick or disabled loved one will be able to benefit from your legacy.

Expert help is at hand

A professionally designed asset protection will can save endless heartache and serious financial loss. Trusted experts in their field, Wrigleys’ asset protection specialists will work with you to design a bespoke asset protection will that protects your home and major assets even if you become incapacitated or elderly and need residential care. Your home will remain yours, to live in or hand on as you wish to those you love.

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