Heirs, Beware

An inheritance can be a comfort following the loss of a loved one. For a disabled or vulnerable person, for whom a fulfilling life will almost always cost more in terms of services, access and support, the extra cash can also be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to secure the extra freedoms that their non-disabled peers take for granted.

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A Trusted Solution

This news may be alarming but in fact there are excellent solutions. Trusts such as a Disabled Person’s Trust or ‘trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries’ can safeguard both a person’s inheritance and their means-tested benefits. In addition, these specialist trusts also avoid the punitive taxes that apply to most other trusts in this country.

Planning Matters

It’s important to understand that to protect a vulnerable or disabled person’s inheritance and benefits, planning ahead is essential. Trusts are only fully effective if the person bequeathing the money (the ‘testator’) takes action, perhaps through their will or via a trust established within their lifetime.

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Means Tested Benefits

Some of the benefits paid out by the UK Government are ‘means-tested’, which means that your income, savings, valuables and investments will be taken into consideration when deciding how much benefit (if any) you receive. The value of the home in which you normally live is not included in this calculation. 

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Vulnerable Clients

Many legal practices specialise in certain areas (such as employment, criminal or family law). At Wrigleys, our long experience and expertise lies in working with and for clients with disabilities and major injuries, and with people described as ‘vulnerable clients’.

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