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It’s important to understand that to protect a vulnerable or disabled person’s inheritance and benefits, planning ahead is essential. Trusts are only fully effective if the person bequeathing the money (the ‘testator’) takes action, perhaps through their will or via a trust established within their lifetime. The disabled or vulnerable person will not be able to reap the full benefits after the testator’s death. In addition, there are complex eligibility rules around the various types of trust and specialist advice is vital to ensure that the beneficiary gets the outcome intended by the testator. Wrigleys’ expert solicitors specialise in working with vulnerable and disabled people, their families, friends and supporting professionals, helping those with these additional challenges to live full and comfortable lives. Our first-class, expert advice also gives you peace of mind, ensuring that the inheritance you plan for your loved one will be properly protected and offer the many advantages of a fuller and more comfortable life. Get the best advice available: call Wrigleys today on 0114 267 5588 or email us.

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