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How can Wrigleys make a difference for your friend or relative?
Many legal practices specialise in certain areas (such as employment, criminal or family law). At Wrigleys, our long experience and expertise lies in working with and for clients with disabilities and major injuries, and with people described as ‘vulnerable clients’ – those who lack the mental capacity to make informed decisions for themselves. Vulnerable clients include people who:

  • are elderly
  • suffer from dementia or other illness which impairs their mental capacity
  • have learning difficulties
  • have impaired mental capacity due to catastrophic brain injury.

By definition, daily life is generally more challenging for these vulnerable people. Yet in some ways, these individuals face legal and financial decisions which are yet more momentous than those of their non- disabled peers. For example they may receive large sums of money in compensation or personal injury claims – money that must help provide for their special needs for life. They face more complex tax and benefits rules, and sadly, they are vulnerable to others who might wish to dupe or take advantage of them for their own financial gain.

Lifting the load                      
Wrigleys experts excel in looking after the finances and daily needs of vulnerable clients. Unlike most other lawyers involved in this area of work, we are not involved in litigation (ie bringing or contesting legal actions in court), so we are an independent voice, committed to putting our clients’ needs and preferences way ahead of our own. We can act as a trustee or as a court-appointed deputy, working on behalf of a vulnerable person to make certain that their needs are met and that their finances are managed to suit their individual interests. We can also protect their means-tested benefits and advise as necessary on major decisions like property purchases and adaptations, care arrangements and care fees.

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