Disability Wills

Wills for disabled people

Thinking ahead

If a family member or close friend has a significant disability (no matter what the cause), you’ll probably want to make special provision for them in your will. 

You might have a child with learning difficulties, a relative paralysed after a traffic accident or a partner with dementia, but whatever their disability, their needs, lives and hopes will be completely individual. It’s especially important to think through the particular challenges that your disabled relative or friend will face and how best to manage the inheritance you want them to receive.

If you’re facing these worrying decisions, Wrigleys’ friendly experts are here to help.

Specialists in disability and additional needs

At Wrigleys, our skilled lawyers specialise in working with people with disabilities, their families, carers and friends. Our rare specialism means that we’re very familiar with the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities that arise when making provision for disabled loved ones. We can help you through the entire process from making those crucial and complex decisions about allocating your estate through to arranging and managing the inheritance so it always serves the best interests of your disabled beneficiary.  For example, we can make sure that:

  • the disabled person gets the inheritance that is rightfully theirs
  • the person is protected from any pressure from other parties, for example other family members
  • the inheritance is managed lawfully and appropriately
  • the inheritance delivers the maximum financial support for the person
  • state benefits and means-tested care are appropriately sustained
  • additional experts (such as case managers or occupational therapists)are involved as appropriate.

We do this most often (though not always) by establishing and running a trust on the disabled person’s behalf. Known as disabled trusts, these safe and valuable tools protect the interests of disabled beneficiaries and our long professional experience with trust funds assures you of the best tailored advice, information and guidance.

For help and support every step of the way, call Wrigleys today on 0114 267 5588 or email us.


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