Specialist Wills

Specialist Wills

We have considerable legal expertise in the following specialist wills. You can request our no obligation pack by clicking the button below.

  • Disability Wills to protect the interests of vulnerable people e.g. using special disabled trusts
  • Asset Protection Wills to protect your estate from third parties including care fee planning and complex family arrangements
  • Literary Estates Planning Service to secure and protect your literary estate
  • Intellectual Property Estates Planning Service to secure and protect your intellectual property related assets e.g. copyright, moral rights, public rights, performance rights, patents, trade marks, design rights, registered designs and artists resale rights
  • Other Bespoke Wills to meet your other asset protection requirements are also available
  • Living Wills - As an adult aged over 18 you have the right to make decisions about your own healthcare. You can choose what treatment you are willing to have. You can also decide what treatment you do not want. But what if you are unable to make decisions about your healthcare as the result of illness or accident? This is what Living Wills are for.
  • Lasting Power of Attorney click here

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Can the son carry on as attorney?

A brother and sister were appointed as attorney for their mother. The daughter spent £451,513 of her mother's money while the son took a back seat.

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In this case the OPG had concerns about the way a deputy was dealing with his mother's finances and made an application to remove him.

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Dementia - A Free Legal & Financial Guide

Wrigleys have supported the Dementia Action Alliance to produce a free booklet to help those living with dementia & their families.

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